For researchers


As a methodologist, I am sometimes called to assist fellow researchers in designing studies or reporting findings. My experience covers both academic and non-academic research and both ends of the research cycle, namely:
(1) The bidding stage; and
(2) The peer review stage.

1. Proposal writing/study design 

So far, my experience in writing research grant applications is limited to the Economic and Social Research Council (see: ‘For science governing bodies‘).

I have much more experience in writing bids for policy research. I have written proposals for the following funders:
– European Commission (DG Employment and Social Affairs; DG Economic and Financial Affairs; DG Justice; EuropeAid);
– European agencies and observatories (European Agency for Safety and Health at Work; European Institute for Gender Equality; URBACT);
European Parliament;
– UK government departments and agencies (Department for Business, Innovation and SkillsResearch Councils UK);
– French government departments and agencies (Agence Nationale d’Appui à la Performance des établissements de santé et médico-sociauxHaute Autorité de Santé).

2. Peer review 

I have peer reviewed studies for the Journal of Public Policy and the British Council.