For science governing bodies


High-quality research requires guidance and surveillance. I am interested in developing, implementing and evaluating any new initiative aiming to increase the quality and transparency of science in general and social sciences in particular.

Please get in touch in you are a funder, publisher, editor, professional body or anyone who shares the same interests.

Example of initiative 

I am a member of a new research group called the Consortium for the Transparency of Social Policy Research. This consortium is led by the London School of Economics and involves researchers from the University of York, Loughborough University and Simetrica Ltd. It is supported by the Campbell Collaboration, Sense About Science and Penelope Research.

In February 2016, the Consortium submitted its first research grant application. Its project aims to:
(1) Develop an innovative set of reporting guidelines for social policy research;
(2) Secure the endorsement of the guidelines among the social policy research community;
(3) Evaluate the impact of the guidelines on the reporting quality of manuscripts and understand the pathways towards this impact; and
(4) Inform future research in science policy/journalology, behavioural sciences and related disciplines.

We are expecting a response in July 2016.